Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Items

Here are some matching cards just in time for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Love- more matching cards.

Play like memory or Go Fish.

Match the number word, to the numeral, to the objects.

These Non Standard activities children measure pictured items with the strip at the bottom.

With the shake up games, you need an egg carton and two counters.
For this one, I use those conversation hearts lol
Depending on what skill you need.  So say you want your students to work on adding or multiplying, put two conversation hearts in the carton, close the egg carton, shake and open.  Children add or multiply the numbers where they hearts landed.

Higher level children, write bigger numbers on the bottoms :) 
I write whatever I want on garage sale dots, that way I can change them when necessary!

You could also use letters on the bottom.  You could have them write the letters on a dry erase board.

Also, the 16th comment will receive their choice of any of the above activities for FREEE!!!!


Dina said...

Too cute! My kids LOVE playing memory games!

pattyward said...

cute ideas. Wish I was the winner.

Barbara said...

Not the 16th but love everything anyway:)