Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From Farm to Table Day 4

With the Kindergartners we talked about what were food and what were animals.
We put them in our table top pocket chart.
After we sorted, I shuffled the cards.
Then we talked about what each gave 
(they remembered from the beginning of the unit!!!!)
{Sorry to say, I don't know where I got those cards :(}

 So for the horse, we said "gives rides"

When a food card came up we talked about what we'd do with it.
{The other Mrs. R hands out carrots all of the time, 
so it shouldn't be very hard to come up with an idea for that! }
We did have one little guy say soup!  
Another little man says cooked tomatoes! 

I drew this corn... errrr I made this corn.
We talked about what crops would grow and what we do with it.
Here was the 5th graders:

 4th graders:
 3rd graders:

 The 2nd graders:
{Who were the only ones to mention popcorn!!!}

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