Friday, February 3, 2012

Freebie Friday

In honor of a fellow teacher, I offer you a freebie.

I have been wanting to make a shaker for a while and finally decided to do it.  
So to honor Pam of Vintage Teacher 

I created this set for my students. Since I work with multi-aged children, I used the same bottle with two different answer keys.

I used Sunny Day's creations for the older children and the freebie for the younger children. Since my older ones are only in first grade, I am giving them the "answer sheet" with heart erasers to cover the answers they find. I will also allow them to work with a partner, since I only have one container!  lol

For the younger ones, this is the sheet they will use:

Sorry I have no photos to share, as I just made this and I haven't printed it out yet. Guess who will be heading in early to school to print and laminate?  I'd be forever thankful if you left me a "Ribbit" {comment} to know you celebrated Pam!

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Sheryl said...

How thoughtful to post a freebie in honor of a fellow friend! Thank you and many thoughts go out to Pam's family.