Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100th Day of School

We did this in math today.  
Since this was in First Grade, it was a little difficult.
Instead of just saying the number, 
I said ten more than a number.
Ten less than a number.
Also thrown in there was a number between a number.
Ex: I am between 27 and 25.

 We brought in snacks.  In each class we weighed them, we found the lightest and the heaviest.
Then we "battled" it out against the other classes.
Then we added our food for a mixture.
 We did a book:
I used coffee filters to hand out snack. 
Here is how one person will look in 100 years: 

We went to the computer lab and used Pixie to make 100 things:

 {Yes I know there aren't 100 things here, he had to use three pages :)}

 This little gal, stacked them on top of each other :)

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