Friday, March 4, 2011

Seuss Day- 3

Today we celebrated the book Fox in Socks.  Being the sock collector I am, I had a very difficult time selecting a pair to wear.

We took a photo with all of our socks.

My foot is at the bottom- two frogs :)

We listened and followed along with the CD. I reminded them that they were going to sit EEKK. I borrowed a couple of books from the other teacher so we had enough for everyone to share. I reviewed how they might go faster then our fingers could point, but to make sure our eyes followed.  I was very stern. (I tried to keep a straight face lol)
And then I turned on the CD.  A little about the CD, it begins with them going warp speed. I thought the kids heads were going to explode!! They just sat there in shock! I told them that the people on the CD had just read the whole book!!!!!! Then the real story came on. They sat there mesmerized!!!

They talked about "blue goo" in the book, so I made some Jell-O. I made two containers of Jell-O but didn't add all of the cold water at the end.  Then I put the Jell-O by spoonfuls into my ricer.  The kids just loved the Jell-O. It has a different texture. :)
We didn't get to decorate our socks, we ran out of time. :( Maybe we can do it sometime tomorrow.

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