Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seuss Day- 17- Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday was all WACKY
I read them the book- they loved it! We created a book of all things wacky. I was a bit wacky, so several children drew me!

Okay, so this isn't the best photo of me, I had 6 pig-tails in all day and by the time I got home after 6, my head was about to explode :(
 The other Mrs. R came in and thought I was off my rocker lol then thought to ask what book we were celebrating today- so she thought I should make a sign :)  I was thinking of sending the staff an email telling them that I wasn't crazy lol
I wore two different shoes and two different Dr. Seuss socks!

Tomorrow is our culminating day for Dr. Seuss a bittersweet day for all of the class.

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