Monday, March 14, 2011

Dental Health

In the ASP, we talked about Dental Health. With the K-1 children I supplied this graphic for them. I shrunk the graphic down a little bit so it would fit on the science log page.
 The older children had to draw it themselves.
 On another day, we talked about the tooth and its parts.
 The older kids drew and labeled their own tooth in their science logs:
With the kindergartners and first graders, we played this game from Colgate:
We played it as a group with only two pieces one for boys one for girls. We picked one card and moved that many squares. If that square had nothing on it the  children had to tell us something healthy to care for our teeth. While we waited we did the tooth dance. We made it up. 
We pretend to brush our teeth and swing our hips while singing "chchchchchcchch brush your teeth"
We kept just going around the board.


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