Sunday, March 13, 2011


We worked on our liquids unit and we created this bubble map:

 Our poem of the week:
We had liquid races. Here was our race between glue and shampoo:
Our school has excellent science kits! Pretty much everything is supplied for us in those kits. The four liquids that we had in this kit so far were green shampoo, white school glue, and oil. We will get two new liquids this coming week.

We learned some awesome RDW to go with our unit. We only had one spill- thank goodness it was just water and shampoo.

We tested to see what would happen to our liquid when water was added. The what happened when we mixed them together. They had so much fun and learned something along the way.

We got two new kinds of liquid.  We brainstormed what they thought they were.
We had green liquid before, so they were great thinkers that the red would be shampoo too :) The yellowish liquid no one guessed it, I don't even think they had ever even heard of it! It was corn syrup. :)

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