Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Target Tuesday

So on Sunday, Target was giving away these ultra cool bags with purchase. I of course, headed right for the Dollar Spot. I found the elusive elephant can. :) While wondering through the rest of the store, I came across these flamingo clips.
 I thought they would be perfect for hanging chart paper on the easel.
 Here is their "true" use! There was also a fish and a gator/croc. I also heard that they carry them at Kohls.


Emily said...

I received those clips (mine are fish) as a birthday gift last summer and have yet to use them...thanks for the great idea!

S. Parker said...

The clips are great! I have two sets. It holds chart paper very well. You'll like them.

Hadar said...

so, so cute!!! great finds!

Katie Mense said...

I just posted about the little elephant trashcan from the target bins (there was also a monkey and a giraffe:) If you want to use him as a sound muncher, I posted a response sheet that you can download to go along with him:)
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