Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't Rob the Bank

We are working with money this week.  I pulled out these game boards. How we played the game:
The students picked some kind of marker/game piece. I gave them two "ones" cubes of different colors. Then a number cube. Then a box of money!!!! {Well the play money variety :)}

So to play this game, the child rolls the number cube and moves their game piece. Then take that amount of money. When they can exchange, they do. Well they try to exchange. When I was monitoring the rotations/stations, I noticed that the children would "exchange" their money, but not put the money in the bank when they exchanged!! So that is why we called it:
Don't Rob the Bank

One of my "froglets" ended up with over $5.00 which would be nearly impossible with the little time we had to play lol

One thing that I would change the next time when I make this game, is to have the game never stop.  I love those kinds of games. They keep playing them round and round!

Here is a label I made for the game.


Brenda said...

So cute! My 2nd graders could use it too. Downloading now....
Primary Inspired

Kinderglynn said...

So cute Jennifer!