Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dollar Tree Tuesday's

I was loving SwampFrogs post about their own pinwheels. Okay so it was a bonus that it was cute with a frog and then to top it off it was useful too!! Of course they didn't have them at my Target :( I came across this one at the Dollar Tree. I used fabric paint. My firsties had a hard time spinning it, so I spun it and they tried to pinch it. I came up with a question that related to our story.  I was thinking of creating some "W" questions so they could ask the class or read and answer it themselves.

One thing that I do when we read our reading series story, I have the students be the teacher and ask the other students the questions. So I say "Teacher Sean you are number 3" so he reads that question.  They make sure it is the correct answer too :)  We do our reading of the story with small groups.  If at the end of the story there aren't enough questions, then we ask what is your favorite page. :)

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