Saturday, April 30, 2011

Earth Day and Recycle

On Earth day I shared my Target Bag with my students.  Then we sorted things to recycle:

 And things that we would put in the compost pile:

I got the sort from
Later we played this game. Okay so we were supposed to play with contractions, but that wasn't in my lesson plans.  I wrote reduce, reuse, recycle on the spaces. We have two markers, a girl game marker and a boy marker. The children roll a die and move that many spaces. If they land on "Happy Earth Day" space, they say "Happy Earth Day" on the other spots they have to tell us something that they can reduce, reuse or recycle. 

Later, I was thinking about other things that I could show them that were also recycled. What can you think of that can be shown that is made from recycled materials?


Ms.M said...

I love this very cute.

Here is what I did. I started out by reading several Earth day books. Then I started to talk about the 3 R's. I start with Reduce. I talk about turning off the lights when we leave the room & the water. I tell that it not only helps our Earth but it saves their parents money $$$. They love this.

Next, I talk about reusing. I take out my Chico bag. Which is a bag that fold up into a smaller bag. They love to see it fold open. I talk about taking it to the store and not getting new bags. Then I ask them to find items in my room that I have reused, ie: our pencil holder and some other containers I have re-purposed. We play a kind of eye-spy game it is fun

Then, we get to recycling. I talk about items we can recycle, but I always feel like this part is lacking. I love your activity. Is there anyway I can get a copy of it?

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Mrs. Coe said...

Good ideas! You will have to check out our Earth Day hats!

Kinderpond said...

I got my sort from