Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Teacher Exchange

I joined a teacher exchange in one of my *many* Facebook groups.  I thought that I would share what I sent my buddy.  Really why I bought her what I did!

Here is the whole photo:

Now here is the break down:

I would use these by putting them on index cards, laminating them and writing things on them for write the room. Or you could write math facts on them and do Math Around the Room too!

I would add to our math centers.

I would use these on our oil drip pans.

I was thinking of adding these to index cards as well for tactile learning.
 I plan on making a game board for these soon!
 Here are her very own Super Scents!
I have used these with Kindergartners through 2nd graders.
They are always a big hit.

I've used these for open house, but this year I was thinking to give for their birthday's!
Eraser that sticks to the board.
To make glue sponges.
I split each of these up into thirds.
We guess what each will be.

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