Sunday, July 31, 2016

Just in the Nick of time!!!

                                   I just completed this years Monthly Homework Calendars!!!!!!!!!!

I try to cover a vast variety of topics, including: reading, writing, science, social studies, and chores. I tell the families that they can do these items in really any order they wish for that month

since they only send in the notebook at the end of each month, no one checks in the order.

During wrap-up at the end of the day, we discuss what that night's homework is and brainstorm as a group what our answers could be.

I love this homework because it isn't a lot of prep and uses only one piece of paper per student.
I use enough paper making printable books, I don't want to print a packet for homework for every student every month. And all that correcting?  No one has time for that!

Hop back tomorrow... I might have some more exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus I will want to hear what you bought or what is hanging out in your cart. :) 

What is Covered in the Homework Calendar:

September we cover the alphabet.  Yes there is homework on the weekends, but since I don't get the calendar back until the next month, they can complete whenever they want.  If you are doing ABC Boot Camp from Mr Greg, there will be tons of pictures the students can draw or even add too!

October~ Shapes and colors this month. Beginning this month, we begin to see "do something for a grown-up" Some of our students go to an after school program so they can initial the calendar too.

It is wonderful to read and tell a younger sibling or family member.  That's okay too!

November~ We discuss nutrition, food groups, and senses this month.

December~ The first day is always amusing to me.  I live in a cooler place and think about when it snows.  Then I think about my friends in Hawaii!  It's all about perspective.

We practice writing our numbers using my number grids, so this is additional practice.  We sing number songs too and write number words while singing during math time using white boards.

January~ We count by 1's and 10's during calendar time.

We do an ice melting experiment in science, so they are sharing their scientific findings with their family. I just make sure that we have done it before it is on the calendar.

I love to include children in cooking. Hence the picking something for dinner.

February~ I teach my students how to draw different things.  I have little cards that show step by step how to draw things. In February, I teach them how to make hearts from two dots and a V.

I  called them Kindergarten words on the calendar, but sometimes I call them

Heart Words (that you need to know by heart)


Popcorn Words (because they keep popping up)


Star Words (because they star in a ton of books)

March~ We celebrate Dr Seuss.  We read a different book a day.  That's why the rhyming part comes in. We are consonantly practicing our phone numbers and addresses.  We read sight word books and also send home word lists to practice.

In math, I write on the board or on chart paper:  The answer is  16. The children tell me math sentences on how to make that number.  Ex. 16+0  15+1   I do let higher children do subtraction and I let them do 2+2+2+2+2+6 if they wanted ;)

April~ Earth Day is celebrated, Easter is around that time (I don't teach about Easter, but I do teach about oviparous because they sell those plastic eggs then!

May~On the balloon day, if they don't have a balloon, have them use a ball or a rolled up sock!

By this time, they have brought home so many books, it is always interesting to see who keeps them.

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