Thursday, August 27, 2015

Super Scents & Boo Boo's

A million years ago, before Pinterest (what??) I made these Super Scents. I think I found the idea from KinderKim

I printed mine on regular paper and used packing tape to attach. I'm thinking labels might work well too :)  Here is a copy for you to print out

I use Scento Markers on their papers and Super Scents on their hands. I put it on the hand that they DON'T write with because they are trying to smell and work at the same time.  Even my most sensory overloaded child loved them!!  I wasn't sure she would even be up for that, but I asked and sure enough- SUCCESS!!!

They never touch someone's mouth and no one has ever had a reaction.  There was some hub-bub in one of my groups and those who it was new to the concept were concerned. Many chimed in to try to clear up any misconceptions. 

I pick out one right away in the morning after they do morning work, I get another one.  I *might* have a lot... lol  Here is mine:
Y'all it is UGLY!!  Mine was made back in the dark ages lol

Here is a close up:
 The one I made for you all is so much prettier!

Anyways-- here is another idea that is on her Tips Page "Boo Boo Lotion".  As she says to get the lotion from hotels... ummm yeah, I don't go to hotels lol  So two ideas.  Get small little bottles from dollar store or get a huge bottle and then get empty little bottles in the travel section from HBA section in a store like WalMart or Target maybe even Dollar Tree.

Along the lines of boo boo's I have a Boo Boo binder.  I got the printables and have used it with kinder kids through 3/4th graders.

Here are the body parts on the inside cover: 
Here is my pencil pouch with tiny bandaids that fit on nothing lol
Here is one page... I'm not really sure what was going on-- like she forgot where she got hurt lol
Here was one that where they hurt their toe...
well no wonder why-- look at their nails!!!
 Here is the note we send home.
The best thing that I've added these to make it even more special.

I got all the printables from Kinder by Kim in her Jazzing Up Journals
I am working with Kim to get this on TPT, but until then check it out on Creative Teaching Press

(click on Jazzing up Journal cover)

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