Monday, August 29, 2016


Those super cute organization boxes are all the rage.  
I was so ahead of the curve lol

I have stored my things in mine for almost 18 years lol

No photo of that :)

Additionally, I use several for my students.
No it's not cute.
But you know what?
It works and my students loved it and
used it daily!

This one is in our writing center.

Each letter has two drawers.

Letter stamper markers and stamps that begin with that letter.

Last week I wrote about those eraser containers I bought,
here are the drawers I've used in the past.

You see those missing drawers? 
Yeah, my mother took those for some unrelated need lol
I mean who takes the drawers?!?!?!!?!?!

I also use one to store my letters for Making Words.

I pull the drawers we need and the kids take the letters we need.
When they need more than one letter a make an additional row right above,
They really giggle when there is a third row, because they get to take 3 letters!

No photo, it's at school.

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