Monday, August 22, 2016

Dollar Tree Strikes Again!

Recently I stopped at the Dollar Tree

Some of those erasers from the dollar spot, the rest I store differently.
Check back next week to see how I store others.

5 Green and Speckled Frogs
and 5 Little Fishes* 

For our circus theme.

Sports shrinky dinks!  They had others as well.

Stickers, sandwich bags and tape for the 
Paw Patrol lover in your home :)

I was moving these out of the way to grab some sand molds,
but this would come in helpful
when playing spelling or math baseball :)

Adding these to our insect unit.

Glitter tape, backpack tags, and purple roller.
I plan to use the roller for art.

Phonemic Awareness Roll*

All my stuff didn't fit in my photo lol
Most is for our upcoming birthday party.

The spray bottles are to replace the spray chalk ones that didn't work.
The laundry bag is for sand toys. 

The large bowls, yarn-ish stuff, eyes, and the ring are for the party. 

* these ideas came from the video below:

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