Saturday, September 17, 2011


Okay I have a confession... I have never taught about Dinosaurs. There I said it, out loud.
So this year I have decided to study some dinos!

I plan on using Deanna's Dino unit from TPT.

This summer, I was lucky enough to find some dino pills and plan to use them in my after school program.

Here is my dilemma... I don't know all the names of the dinos! lol
Going across:
1-brontosaurs?              7-
2-                                  8-
3- pterodactyl                9-
4-                                  10-
5-                                  11-
6-                                  12-

Can anyone help me out?

Dilemma number two- I will be doing this with 6 different classes on one day. So I am going to let someone pick two for each round.  So then what? I was thinking of having them predict which ones they will get. I only have them for about 15 minutes, so it is really a short time.  I am thinking of maybe having them draw something in their science logs- about which ones they think and which ones they got.

After I get an idea, I will post a printable with all of the answers plus something to go along with our guessing!

Thanks for all of your continued support and for sticking around since my last blog post as it was 16 kinds of crazy here!  I have lots of great photos to share of what has been going on recently.


Mrs. I said...

Here are my best guesses.
#2 Parasaurolophus

#4 Diplodocus

#5 Velociraptor

#6 Corythosaurus

#7 Stegasaurus

#8 Triceratops

#9 Spinosaurus

#12 Patagosaurus

oh and #1 is actually an Apatosaurus I think. (Brontosaurus is more of a kid name than an real name I believe)

Here are some of the ones I found. This site helped a lot.

Hope that helps!

Cathy I.
Mrs. I's Class

Kinderpond said...

You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!


Ms Cats Classroom said...

I wish Dinosaurs were in the standards :(

When I read this, I was thinking, "Well, there's Little Foot, that's Sara/Cera, there is Ducky, that's Spike, etc. from the Land Before Time. Haaa!

Mrs. I did a great job! I used to know all of these after taking a "History of the Earth" course in college, but now I have long forgotten. I do remember some interesting things that your students who are really fascinated with dinosaurs may like! (I would double-check online to verify that I am correct first though.)

- The pterodactyl is not a dinosaur. Technically, it's a flying reptile! I remember we had to study all of the bones and this and that in college. The pterodactyl is definitely different from the dinosaurs.

- They say that the modern chicken evolved from a raptor, I believe. (Double-check this one.)

- Many people believe that the T-Rex was not as it was depicted in Jurassic Park. There is a debate between whether or not the dinosaur was more of a scavenger than a predator. (Based on skeletal remains and what other dinosaur bones were found nearby, the useless short arms, and their size compared to other dinosaurs who were much bigger and stronger.)

Oooh and I remember learning about the horns and things like on the triceratops. Those are similar to male deer/moose antlers with attracting females and I believe were also able to control their body temperature. Kinda neat!

Good luck! :)