Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monster Squeeze

Recently I was visiting in my friend's classroom and we got to play Monster Squeeze on her SmartBoard
Then I came home to read my blog updates and what do you suppose I find?
But this lovely gem from OvertheMoonBow.
I will be sharing the link with her on Monday!


Beadboard said...

Hi! Can you tell me how to get monster squeeze for my smart board? thanks for sharing! I just got a board & I've got a lot to learn. thanks!

Kinderglynn said...

I just passed the Versatile Blog Award to you. Come on over and see:

Mrs.Capps said...

Can you tell us how to play the game?? It looks super cute!!!

Kinderpond said...

The monster squeeze came right from our math series.

How to play:

Pick a number on your number line. Don't tell. Call on children to guess your number. If they didn't guess it, move your monster to that number. For example, on a number line 0-10 (use bigger numbers for older kids)
Put one monster on zero and 10. (My number is 7.) A child picks the number 2. I move the monster from zero to the number 2. Call on another child and they choose 8. I move the monster from 10 to the number 8.