Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shout Out Saturday's

You must check out Just Love Teaching's blog.
Then check out her ETSY store so you too can get your hands on one of these!!!
Here is my apron all filled up! Seriously, what did I do without this? Inside mine, I have pens, pencils, keys with my mini 4gig jump drive, and our PAWS (PBIS slips).

Do you think I can get her to make my mother one with stars on it?  Let's talk Angela!!


Angela Wageman said...

Jennifer you are so sweet to post about me...I love waking up to fun surprises! Thanks for making me smile...and of course I would love to make a star apron for your mom. (If you peek at the fabrics on and see one you think she would like, I will make it to order!) Have a great weekend sweetie!

Angela Just Love Teaching!

Hadar said...

So, so, so cute!!! At first I thought the apron read "reading is toadally 2001" instead of "toadally cool" hahaha whoops!