Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rain Forest

We are spending the whole month in the Rain Forest.

Our LG (Learning Goal) is to name the 4 layers and some of the animals that live there.

To my K-1 group I read this book:

Student Version

Then with the 2nd-3rd group I read this one:

On day one, after we wrote our LG, we brainstormed things we knew about the Rain Forest.  However, when we shared some of our thoughts, one of my 5th graders said 'zebra' most of the others looked right at him and said ummmmm... no they live on the Savannah. 

Then I read The Great Kapok Tree.  We shared things that we heard that was in the RF.

Day 2

We began our journey by recalling the 4 levels of the RF.  We made a new page in our science log with the layers.  We began our trip with the forest floor. 

The K-1 group learned about tarantulas.
The 2-3 group learned about iguanas.
The 4-5 group learned about a tapirs. 

I printed off slips of paper with facts on them.  The students read the facts and they condensed them down to fit in our bubble maps.

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