Monday, April 8, 2013

Plants: From petals to roots

So the froglets in K-3 created a drawing like this one.

Parts of a plant and the needs.  K-1 were flat.  The 2nd-3rd were flaps.

In K-1 we do a little "dance" for lack of a better description.  To review the parts of the plant, we make a circle with our arms over our heads and say "Petals," then we flick our fingers at face level for "seeds," followed by hands out at our sides for "leaves," next we put our arms tight against our bodies for "stem," finally we stomp our legs apart for the "roots." I really need to get a video of my students, they are so cute!  Even my ELL children can do this with ease!

We reviewed the different parts of the plants.  It is very difficult for them to realize that the "fruit" of the plants, don't necessarily have to be a fruit :}

So to begin this activity, we added these cards to the pocket chart.  I had them blindly pick the cards from a container.  They had to decide where it went.  They did have the answers on the back too. To leave this lesson, while the chart was full, the children had to name one of the foods under a heading.  For example, I would call on a student and say please tell me a seed.  They would go to the chart and pull off one of the seed cards and tell me the name of the seed card they picked.  It got harder and harder when more and more cards were gone.  I had two ELL children left and they just had to find and point to one but not name it.

We tasted the parts of the plant:
 The names in the boxes are the student's choice of their favorites.  The names on the outside were what they didn't like. We ran out of time for our non-favorites lol
 We did Plants: Need:Have:Are:Give.  Then we researched more and I "Shared the Pen" and we added facts.

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