Thursday, March 1, 2012

Earth Day and Recycle aka: Lorax

So in honor of the Lorax movie coming out {way excited!!!!!!!}

We talked all about the 3 R's, composting and preserving the environment.
We sang these songs:

 With the K-1 children we broke it down in two days. We began with:
We did directed drawing for those items.  I drew the jar (well we called it a vase-I thought that it would look too much like our can lol)   on day two we did reduce and compost!  The older kids just broke their page in quarters.

I took this photo from on line, click on the source above to see my search.  I can't very well take a photo while we are using the app!  lol  :}  Anyways, now on to what we did.  We went around the room- we did this 4 times!  Each time they would say:

I would {recycle/reduce/reuse/compost} ____________________________. For their friends.  They laughed and laughed at me when I introduced it to them!

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