Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

I'm a Hopper is having a Teacher Week, so I thought that I would hop along!

Today is all about advice.  

Ask questions from someone you trust.

Share your ideas- if you are just starting out, you will most likely have found some brand new materials and blogs to share with your co-teachers.

At one point in time, everyone was a brand new teacher just like you.

If you believe in it, so will the students.

If you are doing D5 or Cafe, please remember to build the stamina and make the anchor charts WITH the children.  I am all about the "cute" factor, but it is more meaningful for the kids.  If the students don't make them with you, they are useless. I have seen this first hand at my school. I went into another classroom and referred to the teacher's anchor chart and the kids just gave me a blank stare and said that they didn't make the chart.  (Yes I asked them.)

Although I do print off my cutesy anchor charts, I put them in my D5 binder to remind me on what should be on the chart.  If you are still needing it to look cutesy, you could create it on your computer and use a projector and create it together.

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