Saturday, August 27, 2011

Clip Charts

I absolutely love the clip chart behavior system.

I am going to also be using it in my after school program as well. Since I mainly focus on science themes, I figure that my charts should be science related, well I came across this fabulous one with frogs!  Well that is a given!  I got this from Over The Moonbow

The other once I wanted to have science related clip-art from Thistle Girl Graphics.  I have recently seen many creative ideas for "theming" them up.

So I need to "theme-up" one for science.

outstanding               (super scientist)
great job                    
good day                     (Science Fair)
ready to learn             (Scientist ready) 
think about it             (Analyze your data)
teacher choice 
parent contact       (Report Your Data)

Yeah, I am so not happy with those, they aren't really good.  So here's the deal, if  you could help me figure out some awesome science words for my clip-chart, I will share it when it is done. :)

NowI have been thinking and cleaning... and *POP*  what about if I use the Muppets! Namely Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker!! I collect Muppet Figures, so I can have them there too :)  There is a new Muppet movie coming out, so that is  awesome!!!!!

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karmiec said...

Maybe you want to use more language around "experimenting"


Positive Results

Control Sample

Further Observation Required