Friday, October 22, 2010


Pumpkins and Gourds is our topic this week. We sang a few songs.  We read a Weekly Reader.  We cut up the pumpkin life cycle in K-1 but we drew it in 2-5. I got the most funky gourds I could find for the children to explore.  The 2-5 children wrote riddles for the other students to try to guess which gourd they wrote about. I put numbers on the gourds, so they would remember which gourd they were talking about when they read their riddles.

I created a pumpkin/gourd observation sheet.
Here is our Jack-O-Happy:
Here is our Long Term Investigation sheet:
I still have to hang a calendar so we can keep track of the days we look back.  I am trying to keep myself more accountable, so I plan to hang this in a visible spot. :)

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