Friday, October 1, 2010

Insects Sept 20-October 1st

We talked about insects for the past two weeks. We talked about first off what an insect was. A creature that has three body parts. We sang Dr. Jean's insect song. We also talked about how insects moved.

We talked about the name of the insect, drew a picture, and then how it moved. 

                                           Kindergarten                              First Grade

We recorded this in our science logs.

We brainstormed insect words (2-5)
K-5 each drew an ant. K-1 children got words to cute out and paste. 2-5 had to write it down themselves.

We looked through our "Bug Eyes" to see how bugs see everything. Everyone loved this! We looked at our friends and even me!

To conclude our unit, I let the children draw and label as many insects that they could. Here are some of their awesome work!

One thing that you might notice are the little stars on the science logs. We give the stars out two stars- one for their log, one for our Science Stars display. The children are super excited to get them!!

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