Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A local college comes to our school to share science experiments with all of the children. This Wednesday, we broke down into a little different groups:  3-5, 1-2, and then the Kindergartners. The oldest children did cool experiments with light.

The children picked a few shapes, then they used a very cool kind of paper. They even put them in frames!

1-2 children did several stations using their senses. One station had to do with touch.  They used three bins of water: 2 warm bins and one cool.

The other station was with sight.  We looked at the circle and guessed what it was going to look like.

The final station is with jelly beans!!!  We closed our eyes and plugged our noses and tried to guess the flavor of the jelly bean.  Then we just closed our eyes and guessed.  This was the yummiest science experiment yet!!!

The Kindergartners got to wear lab coats.  I took each of their pictures in the lab coats for our book.

Then on to our experiment.

We did a cool experiment using: water, oil, and vinegar. We used test tubes!
Then the COOLEST experiment of all!!!!
Then we did a very neat experiment. One that anyone can do at home.  All you need, is a plate, milk, food coloring, a q-tip, and some dish washing soap.

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