Monday, June 12, 2017

Kinderpond heads to Target


Finally adding new things.  I am most excited about the dice.
My friends all have them.
My co-teacher has one.
I have none.
Yeah, ummm...I am an only child and an only grandchild.
I always get what I want.
We have very few only children in my school, so pouting and temper tantrums. 
don't work on me, like at all because I have more experience and practice. ;) 
So me not finding these dice are no good for this spoiled brat lol

I did however find the bowling set and the ring toss.
The bubble set.

The felt World and USA map along with the alphabet pockets, tic tac toe boards, and ocean boards.

We love the grow capsules.
I need to find something to do with them... thoughts?
oh and the slime of course lol

I recently started watching The Purple Alphabet on YouTube.
I am all about purple and she does Target and Dollar Tree Hauls, why would I not?!?!?!

Anyways, she make Restaurant Busy Kits.
So I have added these to my small 31 bag.

 These are going in there too!

both of which the Jumbo Sticker Pad covers.
The 50 States book for the felt mat. 
More slime and that rocket??
Apparently my 4 year old needed that lol

Grabbed stuff for next year.
I still have to think of something to do with those erasers... ideas?

More new summer stuff
(different trip)

Ocean erasers
Paint your own bug tic tac toe
Erasers: ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, donuts
Summer note pad
Fossil excavation kit.
Solar System, Shark and Dino books

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