Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Shares

During the year, I feel like I never have time during the school year and I'm not even teaching full time!! I take zillions of photos when I'm in a classroom.  The students all give permission for me to take photos and will find me when they want me to take a photo!!

So as you've noticed that I just share random photos from whatever we were doing.

I'm busy over at where we have Tot School for my 2 year old.

I will continue to share photos but I also wanted to see if you were on Periscope.  WHAT???  You don't know what Periscope is? It's like a video conference where teachers chat about all different sorts of things- from personal to showing off their classrooms!

So I'm on there-- I have yet to turn the camera on... I've not yet been given a "shout out" to share my 3 facts. *hides now*  I share when I'm in a Periscope and it's something that I might think you will find it interesting.

When you join in a session, you tap on the screen to "give hearts"  It's like showing that you had an "a-ha" moment or liked that thought. :) 

Periscope is connected with Twitter, so if you need to direct message me, you can do so there!

Periscope is relativity a new thing and teachers have recently taken it over and *might* have crashed it a few times.

As a side note- if I can't comment and only give hearts, I probably won't share to my followers.  And unless it is maybe a FF or a dollar store/spot Periscope, I probably won't even watch.  It's all about interacting with your followers. #realtalk!

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