Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Sometimes I *might* take a few photos... I always have my phone on me :)  I ask the students if I can  take a photo of their work because after all, it's their work.  BUT sometimes, they are so proud of their accomplishments they ask me to take a photo.  For some, it's no big deal, however, with some of the more shy students, they are a little leery.  It is the look or twinkle in their eye that makes me ask them if I should take a photo.

 We were doing iPads and this little froglet did this all on her own.  She is ELL (English Language Learner) This is a fabulous accomplishment for her and I was so excited for her.
This is part of our morning work.  This was a favorite of mine just because they had to write about a frog.  Their sentence was "Frogs are poison."

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