Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hmong New Year/Thanksgiving

One of our rotations was to make egg rolls. We read this poem:

 Here is a first grade teacher showing us the yummy filling.
 We practiced with felt wrappers.  We pointed one corner to our belly buttons.
 We added some pretend filling and folded one point to the center.
 Then we folded another corner in.
 Now here is our envelop and begin to roll.
 And roll
 And at the top, we put pretend egg whites to seal it.
 Now we have the real wrapper.
 We get to add filling.
 Fry (teacher does this)
 Another station, we listened to this book. Each time we hear, Nine-In-One we growl.
 We began our story cloths.  We color them in and then make a border.
 Another station we had was pumpkin pie. I am loving the  Classic Pampered Chef tool!
 Here is the filling with pumpkin, pudding, and spices. All of the students got to smell all of the spices.
 Here is our recipe.

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