Friday, November 12, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

This week we talked about Nocturnal Animals.  On Monday we talked about what it means to be nocturnal. We learned that some animals stay up all night long and sleep during the day. We learned that bats, foxes, owls, moths, mice, hedgehogs, skunks, raccoons, koalas, and spiders are all nocturnal.

The 2-5th graders are working hard to figure out a nocturnal word for every letter of the alphabet.

The K-1 children brainstormed different animals that they could remember.  I tried to draw them... key word being tried!!!I tell my student's that they need to try their best, so I do as well.

Here are two science logs featuring drawings of nocturnal animals:

I wrote a book then made it into little books for my first and kindergartners. 
 The first graders had to draw the pictures.
 The kindergartners had to color in my pictures.
They all had to write "a" and "is" on every page.
 After they read the book, then they had to show me their favorite  page.
These are some of their favorites.
 We talked about owls and we made this chart

 You must check out Deanna's Owl Unit for other great ideas :)

We made a graph of our favorite nocturnal animal. I used our name tickets (2x4 slips of paper) to create this graph.  We talked about which had the most votes, which had the least, and which ones were the same.

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