Thursday, November 5, 2009

September-Apples and Potatoes

In September we talked and learned about:
*All About Me

For our Germs unit, each grade got 4 slices of a potato.
1 slice everyone touched it
1 slice no one touched
1 slice we blew on

Each group did one different one:
1 rubbed on the table
1 rubbed it on the floor
1 rubbed it on the door handle

We made a chart of what we saw on the potato. I made a sheet with little hand lenses on it.

We also added to it what we think might happen.

******* APPLES************

We enlarged an apple (photo to come) the students had to label the parts of an apple.

We weighed things against an apple.

We listed things that used apples in them: apple pie, crisp. I made an overhead using apples. I will have to see if I can share that with you some how.

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