Thursday, November 5, 2009

October- Magnets, Skeltons, Pumpkins, Spiders

Our themes in October:

Skeletons & bones
Pumpkins & Gourds

We used magnetic wands to see how many chips we could pick up.
We made plates with designs on them for the children to try and follow.
We had a sheet that the children had to cut out and put in order.

********Skeletons & Bones **********
Review songs
Put large skeleton in order
We made Q-Tip skeletons (pictures to follow)

*********Pumpkins & Gourds***********

K-1 we made pumpkin books.
Everyone explored the pumpkins and gourds. We came up with pumpkin and gourd words on a pumpkin chart. Then 2-5 grade children came up with questions to ask, the answers had to come from the chart. (Chart photo to follow)

I wrote down the questions on large index cards to use as an independent activity.


We are learning about spiders this week. as usual we have a variety of books available that are both fiction and non-fiction for the students to read.

One activity we had the students do was to pretend that they were spiders. I gave the students each 1/2 of a plate - this was their web. I gave them their insect (it was a sugar cube) then I gave them some venom (water) They used small spoons to put venom on the insect. When the insect (sugar cube) turned into a liquid, they used a straw to suck up the insect.

We also came up with spider themed words. The 2-5 graders had to come up with questions where the answers were on the spider chart.

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