Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer School newsletter #1

Our first week of summer school is done. I am so impressed with how hard they are working.

I wanted you to be aware of the FREE summer reading program at the library. You can even ride the bus for free to get there!!

The children have been working hard to add words to our class word collector. Each of them also have their own personal one.

Remember: Reading logs are due on Monday.

In addition: as a class we decided to look and listen for at least 2 Interesting Words per night.
For example, instead of using "said" we could use "exclaimed!" or "ancient" instead of "old."
This is to use the the reading strategy under Expand Vocabulary- Tune in to Interesting Words.

Thanks to the parents that have helped their children this week and for the children who worked so hard. Keep up the good work!

Please remember to call you child in if they will be sick or send in a note if you know they will be gone on a certain day.

Pictures will be added when we are done with school today.

Have a great weekend. See you next week!

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