Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer School Day

8:00 Students enter the room. Books shop for books if necessary.

8:05- 8:30 Making Words Lessons

8:30- 10:00 Daily 5 Reading Rotations

R2S (read to self) WW (Word Work) WoW (Work on Writing)

Mini lesson 1

Mini lesson 2

10:00 recess

10:15 snack and read aloud ( Snack will be up to the individual student)

10:30- 11:30 Daily 4 Math

Lesson: Teacher will meet with individuals and small groups based on student ability.

All games will be from EDM books.

Fact Practice: The children will use flash cards to practice their facts.

Fact Games

Number Games

Strategy Games:

Students will rotate to each section as their choice. One of the “Must Do” choices is the teacher; the other “Must Do” will be the workbook. The children will be assigned pages based on their individual need.

11:30-11:45 Share: TICKET TO LEAVE and prepare for dismissal. Assign homework

11:45 Dismissal

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