Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daily Graphing

Each and everyday, my class answers a question of the day. When I work with older children, first and second graders, we write an answer to the questions together. Here are my graphs:

For example in this graph we might write:

Three children picked sliced. Four picked caramel. Five picked pie. No one picked muffin.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Here is a paper plate aquarium that we made.

Give students one paper plate.
Let them stamp sea creatures on the inside of the plate.
Give students another plate. Have them cut out the center. Following the center ridge. Sometimes, depending on my students ability, I make a little hole for them to start.
The have them color the outside bumps. Then cut a piece of blue saran wrap and tape on the inside. I do this myself :)
The we staple around the edges. These I only did the top, bottom, and sides. I usually add Easter Grass to look like sea weed. Then I staple a little more so the grass doesn't fall out.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kohls Cares July 2008

I went to my local Kohls Department store to get the latest Kohls Cares books and stuffed animals featuring Eric Carle. I bought Brown Bear, Baby Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda Bear books along with all four stuffed animals. They can be ordered:

The books at Amazon are $16.95. A not as cute polar bear is offered there as well for $17.90

Dollar Spot at Target

Here are the purchases that I made at the Target Dollar Spot. (I didn't know that it had a special name. It goes with Spot the dog though.)
Starting at the top, going clockwise:
Parts of a flower laminated page with answers on one side, and blank on the other side.
Three medium sized pocket charts (blue, red, green)
Flashcards: Insects, Animals, World Landmarks, Space, US animals, Phonics and US Presidents.
Buttons, bookmarks: Color Your world with Books (crayons one) Reading.. what a bright Idea (light bulb) Star: Super Star Student stickers (I bought enough for all of my mother's students) She is the reading specialist in two schools.
The purple pouch: mini stapler and staples and mini tape dispenser. (All purple- my favorite color)
A purple fat pen and three purple round containers for stuff. An accordion folder with flower/fireworks on. There is also a small hot pink accordion folder that I will be altering for a gift.
In the middle: Star stickers (for my STAR words)a to do list that has magnets one, mini high lighters, post it notes (cherries and Stars {For my mother} Flags with cute icons on the bottom and alphabet stickers on which I plan to make a game. It has a capital letter, a lower case letter and a picture for most letters. (Not R,U, V, W, X, Y, Z) There are 300 stickers/ 5 sheets.
I did not buy any of the boxes that everyone was talking about. They lay flat and would stick together. That doesn't work for me.
I would love to help out everyone who does not have a Target close by, but that would be impossible!

Writing Notebooks

Here are two examples of my student's writing notebook. I have been using Daily 5 in my room. I don't give my students any prompts. I tell them to write something 'Near and Dear to their heart' This was a past lesson that we have done already.

Writing Corner

Here is my writing corner. I have the pencil anchor chart for my students. I got the graphics from (Awesome teacher) The white papers are now filled with photos of the children actually doing what the papers say.
Charts not in order:
1) Picture of corner (the above photo)
2) Watch Mrs. R (a photo that one of my students took.)
3) Help Mrs. R. children raising hands and sitting correctly.
4) Write the Code Date
5) Illustrate the story photos of two different student journals. (see Notebook post)
6) Talk with Mrs. R.
7) Share photo of two children sharing.