Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dollar Spot at Target

Here are the purchases that I made at the Target Dollar Spot. (I didn't know that it had a special name. It goes with Spot the dog though.)
Starting at the top, going clockwise:
Parts of a flower laminated page with answers on one side, and blank on the other side.
Three medium sized pocket charts (blue, red, green)
Flashcards: Insects, Animals, World Landmarks, Space, US animals, Phonics and US Presidents.
Buttons, bookmarks: Color Your world with Books (crayons one) Reading.. what a bright Idea (light bulb) Star: Super Star Student stickers (I bought enough for all of my mother's students) She is the reading specialist in two schools.
The purple pouch: mini stapler and staples and mini tape dispenser. (All purple- my favorite color)
A purple fat pen and three purple round containers for stuff. An accordion folder with flower/fireworks on. There is also a small hot pink accordion folder that I will be altering for a gift.
In the middle: Star stickers (for my STAR words)a to do list that has magnets one, mini high lighters, post it notes (cherries and Stars {For my mother} Flags with cute icons on the bottom and alphabet stickers on which I plan to make a game. It has a capital letter, a lower case letter and a picture for most letters. (Not R,U, V, W, X, Y, Z) There are 300 stickers/ 5 sheets.
I did not buy any of the boxes that everyone was talking about. They lay flat and would stick together. That doesn't work for me.
I would love to help out everyone who does not have a Target close by, but that would be impossible!

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