Monday, August 7, 2017

Directed Drawings in Kinderpond

A million years ago, I bought this book from Scholastic

I copied every page in this book:

I cut off the bottom page and I glued the actual step by step part onto red/yellow/or green construction paper and laminated them.

During morning work, I would pick a card and we would draw them together.  It is a surprise what I draw.  So they try to guess.  One summer while teaching 3/4/5 ELL (English Language Learners) I would draw a circle and a girl would yell out "rock"  This happens daily, after a while, we just waited until she yelled it out ;)

I also have used Fine Motor from K-Crew too.  They use a whole file folder. We still use those too lol

Now  added to the collection with these:

We needed a filler in 5th grade.  They loved them!

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