Monday, July 10, 2017

Shark Week Kinderpond Style

Shark Week is coming and we will be ready for it!!!!!

Then I used  this this awesome shark die cut to make this pocket chart.

______________ shark, _______________ shark

Is ______________ hiding behind you?

I wrote the color words twice.
The third blank is for a child's name.
I was thinking about using those little sticky photos we get of our class to hide behind the sharks.

I am making a print rich environment, my 4 year old can't read... yet! 

(side note- I have a pocket chart at home... but no stand lol)

If I had the whole set of ocean die cuts, I would cut out colors for all the animals.
BUT... since I *might* have 6 pocket charts in my room... I need to fill the other ones up.
SO!!!!  I will add:

* letters or 

* shapes or 

* numbers (math problems)

*sight words

One pocket chart would have just all of the animals for them to hide behind.
Because who wouldn't want to play with ocean animals??

I can't wait for Shark Week on TV and will be doing Shark Week in Kinderpond Jr Tot School.
oh I just made some brand new ocean/summer things that I can't wait to share with you!!!

As a Laura Kelly Design Team member, I was given the tools to make this and many more products. Every idea posted and created to be showcased here are all my own.

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