Monday, March 20, 2017

Name Ideas at Kinderpond

I try to do different things for our weekly names but that doesn't always work. So here are some great ideas that I use for practicing your child's name.

Here are some of my name ideas.
Most of them, I store them in a drawer together.
All of the papers at the bottom are now in sheet protectors. ;)
(Pictured Duplo blocks, leaves, cookie letters, magnets, letter beads)

Idea #1:

Write/type your child's name across entire paper.  Have your child use magnetic letters.
I also have felt letters from Target that is great to change it up.

Also use puzzle pieces for added fun!

I grabbed some letter stickers, clothes pins, and a craft stick.
I wrote letters under where the clips go.
You could also swap out the craft stick for:
 *an index card
* construction paper

Don't want or have the stickers? Write the letters with a permanent marker.

The next few are paid resources but I really like them :)

Some of these ideas are adaptable for older children and learning the alphabet order.

I would give my students a baggie with their own letters and when they entered the room in the mornings, they would put the letters in order.

For the clothes pins idea, use a sentence strip.

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