Monday, September 19, 2016

Discovery Bags

Discovery Bags

They are a labor of love.

To begin them, you gather your materials and try not to buy too much more lol
I made mine, before Pinterest!

In each bag:

*Child Journal
*Parent Journal

I have see-through bags I bought at Dollar Tree.  They have a pocket on the front.  I *gasp* hand drew them. No computer needed lol  On the back of the index card, it tells what is in the bag.

I have a parent letter that basically says if they want to participate, they would be responsible for the items in there and their child can't check out a bag until all the pieces were returned or replaced of anything was lost.

Books and counting bears

See the circle in the corner?
That is a..... plate!
I cut paper to fit and that became the cover of the kids journal.

File Folder Game
 A tape!
The shoe pattern magnet board

Magnet Board 

File Folder Game
Flannel Board

In the red pouch, are stamps :)

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