Sunday, January 29, 2012


We started discussing trees this week
I photo copied a diagram for all the K-2 children.
They had to label the parts.
3rd-5th graders had to draw and label.  
We also listed trees that were indigenous to where we live. 

We also sang this song to head shoulders knees and toes.  This is where I would love to be able to video my students to share what we did for our song.  Here will be my awful directions lol

Tree Song (Sung to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)
Leaves, branches, trunk and roots
Leaves, branches, trunk and roots
Trees are important to you and to me
Leaves, branches, trunk and roots

Leaves- reach up high- arms extended hands waving
branches- straight out like the Y in YMCA song
trunk- legs together arms tight to side (think cheerleader)
roots- spread legs apart

Now my brain is searching for a child I can use to show this- parents be aware that I may ask you for your help!!

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Ms. Rachel said...

I love the description of the motions! too funny!

Im your newest follower!!