Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dollar Tree Tuesday's

So I stopped by Dollar Tree for baby presents for my friends. Within the gift, I add a book.  I also came across the crayon books!!!!!  I made the Frog Street Press crayon books in my classroom. I also made them into song and poetry cards as well.

I am teaching 5th and 6th grade summer school and got this Goal Zone game- it is way to hard lol I will have to made easier cards lol
 Here at the bottom there are 3 pens- they are a hit in my room- I thing the boys will love them.  They only write in black so they are just exciting to look at!
This is the inside of the crayon book. There are also sentences inside like find some flying friends.  I am thinking that I need to get a second set of these books though!  Will have to go back anyways lol

They only had these four colors, I looked through them all :(


Mrs.Voss said...

I also got the Crayola books, but my dollar tree did not have GREEN and the red one looks more orange than red :(... gonna try to fix it somehow... Thanks for sharing, I love the Dollar Tree!

The Kinder Garden said...

Ooh, I love Dollar Tree for teaching resources - it is actually quite dangerous to my wallet whenever I go in there! There are so many fantastic things teachers can use... I'm so glad you shared the crayon books with us, my kinders will love reading them! Time to make another trek out there, I suppose... :)

Mrs. Trelz said...
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Mrs. Trelz said...

That looks like a great find! Maybe if you keep your eyes out, you will find more before the school year starts back up. :)

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Ms. Patterson said...

I love dollar tree and target finds! I get so excited when I find something cute and colorful! I am a sucka for cute storage

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