Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seuss Shopping at Target

Okay this is most of what I bought at Target today. I bought some multiple items for my teacher sister. :) Here goes: the pink thing in the back is a frog folder, then there are 4 Seuss bags, Sam I am , Cat in the Hat One Fish, and Horton. Then there is a pen microphone- used for our newscasts and pointer. A frog blanket. Under the frog blanket, is my new frog lunch box!!!! Next to that are 3 bins- Seuss colored and a purple mini crate. Erasers, pencil grips, 3 sets of stickers (I will use some to scrapbook, others for framing at my house) 6 books each of sea creatures, scorpions, and polar animals. There are binder dividers, and a purple organizer. In front there is a frog notebook, school themed pencils, Seuss erasers, some framed Seuss magnets, some tinier magnets, some little notebooks, some flashcards, and some water bottles!

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Debra said...

Too cute. Now I want to go to Target.