Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainbows- February 22

Who would have thought that this would be the most difficult week for the teachers! We haveliterately no books on rainbows in our school. I talked with the other first grade teachers and no one had any books on rainbows. There were TWO in the library- and they weren't even that good. We did get a MSB one on rainbows, that was pretty good.

We did an experiment using a mirror, water, and a flashlight. The next day we used CD's, flashlights, and white paper to make personal rainbows. That really worked well.

I had the older children write books about rainbows, so we would have them for next year.

We listed things that were rainbow colors. I skipped Indigo this day, but did talk about it during the rest of days. Even the upper grades really got into it. I wasn't planning on doing that with them, but they were bummed out, so I couldn't say no! :)

Here is a chart that everyone added to. I drew and labeled things of every color (except indigo, because I didn't have that color marker!)

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