Monday, March 23, 2009

Seuss- Cat in the Hat

Our art teacher taught the children to make Cat in the Hats. The children drew in pencil then traced in permanent marker. Not a one, looked the same. So very cool!

Pot of Gold

Here is my Pot of Gold bulletin board, I think the idea came from a Mailbox magazine idea. I free handed the pot and the kids made the rings.

Pumpkin Cuties

We made these pumpkin cuties! I gave them some orange squares for the face and then two long strips that we accordion folded for the legs and arms.

Feeling Froggy

We made these frogs the first part of the year. One day we painted one side red. The children thought that we were making some sort of apple art - :) Another day, we painted the other side green. Finally we added the eyes and feet. I am not sure where I got the eyes and feet from though. Somewhere in my files.

Tye Dye Leaves

We started with the coffee filters (picture at the top) we used "fall" colors and colored on coffee filters, then sprayed them with a water bottle. I let them dry and then cut them out on the die cut machine and used the leaves for our leaf basket (middle photo) and then we hung them in the windows. The children thought it was cool to see the negative art there. The pumpkins were large paper then marbled painted then I cut them out with the die cut machine. Some I wrote their names on, others were just for decorations.

Apple Wreaths

I gave my students a paper plate and some apple outlines. This is what they came up with.

Apple of My Eye

This was a door decoration. I gave the students an apple pattern and some tissue paper. Some of the children laid the paper flat others used a pencil to make it stand out, still others, did both!

TLC - Ants

Here are some TLC ants that we made.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Listen to Reading

Here is our Listen to Reading anchor chart. One of my students was busy working when I took this photo. We all know what to do at this time.

Read to a Buddy

This is our anchor chart for Read to a Buddy. I took a photo of two of my students actually doing what they should. Now they and everyone else knows that I know what is expected during this time

Picking a Book

I made this anchor chart for how to read to a buddy. I cut apart the chart that I made and when the children told me that, I added it to our chart.