Monday, September 12, 2022

August Dollar Tree Trip

 What kind of goodies do you think I found???

Here's the haul!

Now on to the breakdown:

The three packs of those boxes.
Did they also have the two packs? Yes! 
These are a better deal of course!

I needed more for all those crayons I found HERE.

My plan for these:

1) paint them on both sides. One side is a jack o'lantern and
the other side is going to be a name sign for fall.

The chalkboard will be painted and a gift for my co-teacher :)

I found these cool books! 

A very cool sign!

Fall accents for the light table.
Read about it HERE.

More items for the calm-down area.

A rainbow pointer.
I pull out the ink part.

Fun scissors!
I always give one as a back-to-school gift.

Mirrors for the calm-down area.

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