Monday, October 9, 2023

Naeir Trip #11

Stickers for journals and for our alphabet books.
I think there were 10 packs of stickers for $3.00
The bags of stickers were $1.50
The award cup stickers (I think about several hundred) for $1.50

Pen sets for gifts :)
Sticker price: $5.00 I paid $2.75

3D models, I paid $1.25 for each kit.

Library pockets for our journals to 
hold out name cards.
$4.75 listed price,
I paid $1.25

Mr. Sktech markers for birthday gifts
each bag was $3.25

metal confetti for sensory bottles
I paid $1.25 for 3 bags

Fun funky scissors
$2.25 for all!

Pens for the writing center
$2.25 for all the pens

Here's the breakdown:

Here are only some of my trips:


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